Okay, if you're at this page you better have already signed my guestbook, if you haven't, Click here!! Okay, now that that's done, you can look at this page!!! Your comment won't be here yet cause I have to program them in myself, but keep checking back, it'll be up soon!!!

Thu, Mar 6th 1997, 20:29:33
Name: Marty McFly
E-mail addy:
Comments: Hi Becky: Im having fun playing on yer page
I'll check back later to see your picture
And when do I get to hear you play guitar on a realtime audio thingy?
hmm.. maybe one day : )
BYe bye Marty
How did you find my page?? tripod
Do you rave??Yup!!
Which name do you like better???TripHop
Have you ever been abducted by aliens???Yea

Thu, Mar.20th 1997, 18:48:10

Tue, Apr 29th 1997, 19:23:58
Name: MIlk
Homepage: I don't have one
Comments: Hello, I'm not sure if you remember me, the part where it says how I found your page well it was a lie I just clicked on your name!!! SAILOR MOON RULEZ!!!
How did you find my page??? From a friend
Which name do you like better??? Sailor Venus
Have you ever been abducted by aliens??? Yea

Thu, May 1st 1997, 01:51:00
Name: Jennie Orton
E-Mail addy:
Comment: This is without a doubt the best page I have ever visited. Spanky would be proud, Becky!!
How did you find my page?? From you, idiot!!
Do you rave?? Yup
Which name do you like better?? Sailor Venus
Have you ever been abducted by aliens??? Yea

Thu, May 1st 1997, 02:32:19
Name: Jennie Orton
E-Mail addy:
Comment: You MUST check out my new home page!!!
How did you find my page?? From you, idiot!!
Do you Rave?? Yup
Which name do you like better?? Sailor Venus
Have you ever been abducted by aliens??? Yea

Sun, May 11th 1997, 17:38:20
Name: Aberration Dude
Comment:I'm signing this page cause you told me to
How did you find my page?? From you, idiot!!
Do you Rave?? Nope
Which name do you like better?? Ch@os
Have you ever been abducted by aliens??? Yea

Mon, May 19th 1997, 18:04:44
Name: Chris Mahon
Comment: Hey its me Pepsi_god. just checking out your page! like it so far!
How did you find my page?? From you, idiot!!
Do you rave?? Yup
Which name do you like better?? Sailor Venus
Have you ever been abducted by aliens??? Whatever Becky...

Thu, May 22nd 1997, 16:41:56
Name: Jennie Orton
Comment: That Riley park page is the coolest thing ever!! Jess huh? I like it.
How did you find my page?? I was forced here!!
Do you rave?? Yup
Which name do you like better?? TripHop
Have you ever been abducted by aliens??? Yes

Sat, May 24th 1997, 17:51:45
Name: Spanky (you know who)
E-mail addy: blong@telus.planet
Comment: You know why there is now guests? because nobody likes raving. ITS TOO DAM FAST you need to be able to slip into a rythm or bounce to a beat. In rave, all you do is throw your body around trying to look like you know how to dance, hoping you catch a beat from a song.
How did you find my page?? I was forced here
Do you rave?? Nope
Which name do you like better?? Ch@os
Have you ever been abcucted by aliens??? Whatever Becky...

Tue, May 27th 1997, 07:20:42
Name: fire_starter
E-mail addy:
Comment: This page RULES!!!! Anyways tripgirl i hope ill catch up to ya in the much music rooms. Later
How did you find my page?? From you, idiot!!
Do you rave??Yup
Which name do you like better?? TripHop
Have you ever been abducted by aliens?? Whatever Becky...

Thu, May 29th 1997, 22:25:07
Name: kyle ellis (pap)
e-mail addy:
Homepage: I don't have one
Comment: this page rocked....i found it on fires page...e-mail me
How did you find my page?? I was forced here
Which name do you like better?? TripHop
Have you ever been abducted by aliens?? Yep

Sat, May 31st 1997, 22:16:21
Name: Riley Lewis
E-mail addy:
Comment: Hello! I accidently came across your page while surfing the net. It is really well done. I too am from Calgary. It rocks doesn't it?
I also like Riley park. It is one of my fav hangout places! My great uncle used to own a house there, and that was his property. When he died, he gave it to the city....I am sure you are really happy knowing that, and that you care!
Anyway, cool page, and, if you ever need another cool place to hang, you know, when it is snowing, and you can't go to Riley park, stop in to Coffee 'n Bytes (Shameless plug) hehee
How did you find my page?? Tripod
Do you rave?? Yup
Which name do you like better?? Ch@os
Have you ever been abducted by aliens?? Nope

Tue, June 3rd 1997, 01:45:16
Name: Koolkat
Homepage: n/a
Comment:You go girl.... dis home page is dope!!!! Very kolorful and individualistic. I liked it very much. However i how ta see ya pic soon. Later Becky!!!

Tue, June 3rd 1997, 19:32:40
Name: Jilly
E-mail addy:
Comment: Ok, I know we'll probably talk tommorow but I just came to your page and noticed that we have ALOT in common!!! I'm not a raver but I'm really interested and I LOVE NO DOUBT!!! Trippy!! I'm a huge ska fan! Anyways, The page is WAY cool but the way. Trip out Becky:0)

Thu, June 5th 1997, 18:02:09
Name: Leah
E-mail addy:
Comment: H Becky!
This isn't a comment, really. It's a question. I met some folks from Calgary at Mirage this weekend in Saskatoon. They mentioned Silver, and so i'm thinking about coming down for it. I'm wondering if it's worth the 7 hr drive. What d'ya think, sister? I'd ask them, but I was dumb enough to forget to get phone numbers. Anyway, I'm asking you because you're the only person that I've found on the internet from Calgary who raves. If you can e-mail me and let me know...
Cosmic smiles, Leah...
P.S. Nice page. Made me smile.

Sun, June 8th 1997, 00:14:14
Name: Slade Ellis
E-mail addy:
Comment: This is an awesome page! What it lacks in graphics it more than made up for in content! Simply awesome! You seem like a totallly rad chick! I love to rave and I love the 80's! The music friggin' rocked! Everything about the 80s was so phunky! I could go on and on...
I'm not sure how I even ended up here, but I did somehow. Kinda weird. Do you chat at Doug's? I think I might have seen you there. I actually found a link to your page from someone that was there chatting. Well, gotta run. Great page though!

Tue, June 10th 1997, 10:05:09
Name: Brittyn
E-mail addy:
Comment: Hey! You signed my guestbook.. I signed yours...again. Well, that's really awesome that you have pictures of stuff of Adrian Young, the raddest drummer! But, I don't think he's the hottest guy...sorry. He IS cute sometimes! Hey, it IS your opinion after all! glad you like him! We NDers (do you have all of their albums?) gotta stick together! NxD

Wed, June 11th 1997, 16:11:13
Name: Squire
E-mail addy:
Comment: Nice work, fellow Calgarian :)

Thu, June 12th 1997, 16:49:46
Name: shadowchaser
E-mail addy:
Comment: I just know how much you love e-mail so here you go enjoy. Party forever!!!

Thu, June 12th 1997, 16:54:13
Name: Shadowchaser
E-mail addy:
Comment: oh yea, your guitar is kewl but mines better its a B.C. Rich RAVE otherwise known as a Warlock. Kick ass? Well thats it have fun and keep partying.

Fri, June 13th 1997, 02:16:12
Name: Venus Killen
E-mail addy:
Comment: Hi! Cool page! 80's music is awesome! I LOVED the movie Tankgirl! (even though everyone else on the face of this planet hates it) One thing I have to disagree with Adrian Young..... Tony is MUCH better! I should know too..he's right here! Say hi Tony! (He says hi) The truth is out there and may the force be with you! Whoohoo!

Sun, June 15th 1997, 03:24:29
Name: purpleMike
E-mail addy:
Comment: ...and as I stagger onwards, I send out love and blessings; spreading the message of respect and understanding. I'm glad we've made it this far together, and you know it gets weirder! Keep your headstraps tight and remember it's alright.

Sun, June 15th 1997, 18:36:42
Name: Beautiful Nightmare
E-mail addy:
Comment: Oh my god becky look at her butt.

Wed, June 18th 1997, 17:23:52
Name: missthang
Comment: cool!!

Tue, July 8th 1997, 18:35:03
Name: Funkish
E-mail addy:
Comment: Kewl page Becky!! Good to see somebody who loves to Rave too!! See ya on the EC Chat Line Baby!!

Wed, July 9th 1997, 07:46:51
Name: Ryan
Comment: I like your page alot

Wed, July 30th 1997, 03:49:35
Name: DJ D-Monic
E-mail addy:
Comment: Tag!!! You're "it"!!! Calgary, eh?? Been there, nice scene...

Fri, Aug 1st 1997, 14:37:37
Name: Marty
E-mail addy:
Comment: Your page just keeps getting better and better. And I can't believe i haven't been here since March.

Tue, Sept 9th 1997, 12:55:56
Name: Steve Gallant
E-mail addy:

Mon, Oct 27th 1997, 03:05:55
Name: Michelle Danda
E-mail addy:
Homepage: S.P.O.R.E.S.
Comment: You have a nice page. Its nice to see some cool pages from other people in Calgary. Although the justabuchokids page is quite interesting too since i am a little punk. But anyways, can you link my ezine from your page. I'm love you forever and a day.

Fri, Nov 7th 1997, 13:38:30
Name: Jason Clark
E-mail addy:
Comment kick ass page you need to come to dallas Texas check out some of our raves

Thu, Dec 4th 1997, 13:46:07
Name: Shadowchaser
E-mail addy:
Comment: you need to update your pages, you know. duh. so how ya been, e-mail me sometime. later

Tue, Dec 9th 1997, 05:08:45
Name: jon ramstad
E-mail addy:
Comment: love

Wed, March 11th 1998, 21:52:36
Name: LollieChi
Comment: I'm from Dallas, and the scene here is suffering a bit. What we need is for all the dj's out there to get together 4 some serious dnb. We have to get the vibe in Dallas bumpin.

Tue, March 17th 1998, 00:51:07
E-mail addy:
Homepage: I want some Navy beans!!
Comment:Where am I?

Thu, March 26th 1998, 15:01:56
Name:Jennie O
E-mail addy:
Comment: Deb rules!! If any of you live in Calgary, go to the Denny's on 16th Ave N.W. and see Deb, she is the coolest waitress in the world. Tell her that Sheriff Jennie sent you.

Mon, March 30th 1998, 08:00:03
Comment:your site is tight. What other trip hop sites would you recommend.

Mon, April 6th 1998, 10:00:37
Comment:Very nice page. I like how you did your sign in guest book, very cute. LOL

Tue, April 7th 1998, 18:17:45
Comment:Sailor Moon is cool.

Thu, April 9th 1998, 00:01:14
Comment:Nice page :-) Keep pushin on...
I'm your friendly PLUR ring Neighbor

Sun, April 12th 1998, 03:43:17
Name:Zutroy Cactus
Homepage:None-I don't suck
Comment:I want a top ten list devoted to the top ten things about me that NW girls are attracted to. Aside from that this is a really good page

Sun, April 12th 1998, 03:50:48
Name:Alex Licker
Comment:Hey Beckvis! I like your page, but I am upset that there is no section completely devoted to my irresistability. And why may I ask was there no mention of the infamous three swords of Riley Park? What is with all that dumb raver shit, shouldn't you be going all B-boy style like the really fucking lame quadrant of my friends! Aside from that this page is pretty cool and should have some mention of JenO's insatiable attraction to household pets.
Hip-Hop-Lo-Fi-Pop-drum and bass-rock from space

Mon, April 13th 1998, 06:58:53
Comment:Cool site!!! Links a little confusing but still managed. Look forward to visiting agian.

Tue, April 14th 1998, 10:52:18
Name:shadowchaser aka DarkCarnival
Comment:my other page

well whats up, I'm just out surfin and thought id stop in and say howdie. well talk to ya later

Shadowchaser aka DarkCarnival @ #darker on Dalnet

Sat, May 2nd 1998, 17:47:23
Name:Alyson skittles to muh friends
Comment:heheh your page is Cute I have Never Been to a RaVe _YET_ I might be GoIng This weeKEnd....i DonT KNow!!
Anyways Bu BYe

Sat, May 16th 1998, 02:00:16
E-mail addy:georgm@cybersurf
Comment:you was up! cool site,,, try my fave/site, go's live fri & sat night uk time real audio & video ... see ya!

Thu, May 21st 1998, 23:10:13

Mon, May 25th 1998, 04:27:04
Comment:phat page!

Mon, June 1st 1998, 05:08:38
Comment:cool page, are you going to spinal core? if you are maybe I'll meet you there

Thu, June 25th 1998, 19:10:00
Comment:Love the page hun! it rox! keep up the great work!

Mon, June 29th 1998, 03:11:21
Name:Becky aka KatzCradle
Comment:BECKY! Nice page! Although, do you think your music files can take a BIT longer to load? *rrrttt* PUNK! *LOL* Nice page.

Thu, July 2nd 1998, 16:21:32
Comment:cool page...i just remembered i wuz here before...and i even signed the guestbook before too :) *bonks herself on the head* DUH...oh well here's more stuff in your guestbook to read...I know i love when people write in my guestbook :)
oh yeah i dunno i Been to only one rave so does that count?? i will just put yes...cuz, ya know i wanna go again...

AND what I have the same qustion in my guestbook!! umm...k maybe that's where i got that from i dont member SOWWY :* (i will change it now....i feel so un-original)

Mon, July 13th 1998, 13:30:43
Comment:If ya don't, u don't - If you do ya do!

Tue, July 14th 1998, 17:13:09

Wed, July 15th 1998, 14:42:12
Comment:i love new wave no matter what people say and no I don't rave but I got a couple of friends that should be taking me to a few this summer but i'm really into ska so I have to stay true to my roots i haven't been abducted my aliens but i sure wish I would be (he it's get me the hell out of california)
well ok buy

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