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Okay, so I finally decided to update this page... It's where you get to vote... Okay, okay, I know it's not an original idea, but I like it!!! All you have to do is e-mail me your answer to the question I give every week, and the top 5 will be on the page the following week (or a bit)!! Sound good?? The top ten will be based on those with the most votes, or the most intelligent answers to why your answer should be in the top ten....


This week's question is:

What do you think the best new section for my webpage would be?? (Come on people, I'm getting really desperate here!!):


I should have known when I did this question that not many people would want to answer it considering there is not a big interest in my age group and the Spicegirls, but I still got some pretty good answers!!!
Last week's quesion!!
Who do you think should replace ginger spice (besides me of course!!)??:

5.Dj Irene(because she would make there musik dance)
4.Drew Barrymore(Cuz she's tha dopest girl on tha block)
3.Yoko ono(Have you seen yoko ono?!?! Let alone heard her primal scream!!!! besides if anyone could break up the rest of the spice girls it'd be her.)
2.Michael Jackson(Because he would fit in with those licko's)
1.Bobcat Golthwaite (Isn't it obvious???)
My favorite answer didn't make the list but I have to put it anyway... this is some really good sucking up!!!
0.You(Well because there is no one else with the passion that you posses so.... who better to do it)

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Disclaimer: All responces and opinions on this page, except that I should be the next spice girl, are purely the opinions of the readers, so please don't write me and bitch about it!!!