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Well kids, it's finally here!!! Summer Time!!! You know what that means!! WICKED FIELD PARTIES!!! I know people might think this is a dumb idea, but I just had to make a homepage for the one thing I love about summer, Riley Park!!! Riley Park is the best place in the world, well, in Calgary, I guess, cause we have nothing better to do here other then Rave!! Ummm... Oh yeah, all names have been changed (or have they??) to protect peoples privacy or something!!!
First things first, let me explain Riley Park, it's the coolest park ever in one of the coolest areas of Calgary, Kensington, in the daytime, it's a pretty park, with lots of flowers and lots of people get married there and stuff I think... At night, Riley turns into Party Land!!! For people like me who have no where better, or they'd rather go then Riley!!! In the early summer we hold the parties in the empty pool, so people can skateboard in there and stuff, and believe me, there's nothing better then watching a bunch of hot skaters in wife beaters skate around when you're drinking... ummm!!! At the end of June, they fill the pool in, so our parties have to move to the west field of Riley, around the picnic tables, it's pretty cool there too, and hey, if you get bored, you can always go swimming!!! If you want to find the most people at Riley, go on a friday night, I guarantee, you won't be bored!!!

Friday, April 25th, 1997
THE FIRST NIGHT OF RILEY OF THE YEAR!!! It rocked!!! Well, I think it rocked, I don't really remember, I remember a freak from Bowness who kept kissing everyone, whatever!!! It was mostly the same crew as last year and some guys from school, oh don't forget kissing stalker boys from Raves, they're always fun too!!!
Saturday, April 26th, 1997
There were less people here then last night, I only went with one other friend, *Susan... anyway, it was a sober night, so that about says it all, but who would want to miss out on Q bustin some freestyle Rhymes!!!
Friday, May 2nd, 1997
Grass Stain Fever!! Will they ever come out!! Rolling down the hill with friends is really alot of fun, you should give it a try, there were alot of new faces tonight, and a couple not new, but new to Riley, like ex-boyfriends being dicks!!! Oh well, at least there weren't any stalkers and at least tonight I caught my last bus!!!
Friday, May 9th, 1997
I didn't go, but I heard there were alot of people and Hawks!!!
Friday, May 16th, 1997
Yay!! Riley is the best!!! And this is the best I've ever seen it!!! I went with 2 of my friends, *Annie and *Jeri!!! Haha!! I love using fake names, they probably wouldn't even care if I used there real names!!! They got drunk, I didn't I was the D-driver, but I still had so much fun!!! The hottest guys were there, wifebeaters, need I say more??? Anyway, the cops came, yay.. Everyone ran and was scattered through the field, I don't know why, we're legally allowed to be in the park till 12, oh well!!! Anyway, it was fun anyway, but I lost all my friends except *Annie!!! And we ended up talking to two cool guys in the field before we walked by the cops to get my car, of course they didn't do anything, what could they do??? I love Riley!! I could live there!!!
Sunday, May 18th, 1997
Word of advice, don't go to Riley when it's really cold out, there will only be 10 people there instead of 100!!!
Friday, May 23rd, 1997
I should have taken my own advice and not gone when it's cold!!! It was raining out so bad!!! But there were a lot of really hot guys skateboarding!!!
Friday, May 30th, 1997
When we first came, we didn't stay long because me and *Shannon were all decked out in our clothes for 80's retro night!! So, it was kinda embarrassing, especially seeing there were a lot of hot guys there!!! When we came back, there were a lot of people there, but it was pretty boring!!
Friday, June 6th, 1997
We seriously are Riley Park freaks, there was a thunderstorm on it's way, but we didn't care!!! First I met *Jeri and we went down just the two of us, there were a lot of people there already, it started to rain so we hid under a tree and drank for about half an hour waiting for *Jeri's boyfriend. After the rain stopped, our other friends showed up and there was a really cool rainbow, it was so cool I had to take a picture of it, me and *Jeri were going picture crazy that night, I took so many pictures of people I didn't know, and a turned over shopping cart!!! Later, Everyone started going to some girl named Courtney's party, we went to the liquer store, and by the time we came back no one was left, so that kinda sucked!!!
Friday, June 13th, 1997
I don't really know what to think of this night, I guess I was to drunk to care, I'll I know is it sux that they filled in the pool, cause now there's no place for the hotties in the wifebeaters to skate, and when you have a new haircut and you're drunk, it's really a big deal!! I think my highlight of this night was trying that new Timeout bar, it was da bomb!!!!
Friday, June 20th, 1997
My friend brought me the coolest present tonight, my old drama costume from when we used to do stupid Degrassi plays, it was the best present ever!!! That kept me amused for most of the night, but when suggested, I decided it wouldn't be a good idea to go strip in the bushes and put it on... It was a pretty cool night, except some people have to give up on the Twinky thing, my friends don't say that!!!
Tuesday, June 24th, 1997
Yay!!! My last final was today, so of course I had to go down to Riley to party!!! There were actually people there too so that was pretty exciting, got into a couple fight over Twinky calling!!! Word of advice, stay away from the Red Onion, they'll strangle you!!!
Thursday, June 26th, 1997
Today was *Jeri's last final, so of course we had to party again, only problem was, we were really the only people there... there were a couple of people there for a while, but it got kinda cold so everyone took off, me and *Jeri stayed like the true, beyond obsessed wierd Riley groupies we are, and had lots of fun going to Blockbuster after!!!
Friday, June 27th, 1997
When we first got to Riley there really weren't that many people there, which is wierd considering it's a Friday, but there was also a rave going on, which I couldn't go to, so I guess that explained it!! More people came later, and the breakdancing on the road was pretty cool!!!
Thurday, July 3rd, 1997
We got down really late tonight, there were only about 8 of us there, but it was still really fun!!! Memo note to me, stay away from Tropikiwi coolers...
Friday, July 4th, 1997
Yay another friday night at Riley!!! The only thing that sucked was the mosquito's, they were bad enough to cause *Jeri and her boyfriend to leave early, which sucked, but me and *Ann stayed and met some really cool guys!!! It was a good night, I did something I hadn't done in so long, which was wicked!!! I thought I told myself to stay away from Tropikiwi coolers, they'll only make me sick!!!
Friday, July 11th, 1997
Just me and *Anne went down tonight, it was lots of fun, there were people there, but not as many as there usually are, Anne left after a while and went to the Stampede, but I didn't feel like going, so I hung out with a bunch of people I don't know!! If you talk about Sailor Moon on the train, people won't believe you're 18!!!
Friday, July 18th, 1997
We were only at Riley for about half an hour tonight because we had to go meet people, Party Time!!!
Monday, July 21st, 1997
Word of advice to myself, people only go to Riley on Fridays, it sux when no one's there!!!
Monday, November 3rd, 1997
Sorry guys, I seemed to start to niglect my Riley page, I don't think anyone really cared except for Jennie, Sorry Jen!!! It's too cold for Riley now, but this page will resume in the spring!!!!
Friday, March 27th, 1998
Well kids, it's almost that time of year again, only a couple more weeks to go!!! Are you pumped to Jennie, come back about the middle of April and there should be more dumb Riley stories to make fun of!!!
Friday, May 8th, 1998
Yay, the first night back at Riley this year, it was so wierd being back, we didn't know anyone this year, I felt so old, the majority of the kids were 15-17... oh well, it ended the same way as it did at the beginning of last year, with the police.... oh well that's half the fun!! Especially when you hop a fence and get your shoelace caught!!! Oh, and if anyone see's Bob, please let us know!!!
Wednesday, August 5th, 1998
Okay, Okay, I admit it, I sold out, I think Riley Sux now.... So sue me... I hate going to a place where i'm the oldest and there's no music, I guess I've grown up a bit... I'll never forget the old times there though... and Jennie's Sheriff hat will go down in the riley hall of fame!!! It looks like this will be the last entry on this page unless for some strange reason I decide to go back...
Friday, April 30th, 1999
Last night was fun, a few of us went out for coffee... and decided to stop by Riley, just to see what was happening, there was really no one there, so we walked around the park a bit... the really sad thing was, the stage has been removed, now we can't make asses of ourselves by going up there and singing George Michael songs.... it's good to see that a new generation of kids have started to carve things into the picnic table!!! A truely Riley thing happened while we were sitting at the picnic table, we noticed 3 guys sitting in the tree near us pointing down with flashlights and making monkey noises... just like the old days......
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