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geri.jpg (47587 bytes) Geri Halliwell

The world knows her as the ex spicegirl.... ginger, but Geri Halliwell is breaking out on her own... and it's about time.

She put the spice in Spicegirls as the one with the most girlpower and without her, the spicegirls would not have been as popular!!!

Since leaving the Spice Girls Geri has sparked media interest in becoming a goodwill ambassador for the UN and keeping her girl power in good use!!

Geri's new single "Look at me" has sparked alot of interest in the music world and has proved to us that "Ginger" is dead and Geri can really hold her own in the music biz!!

The single of "Look at me" will be released in stores on May 10th, and look for her new album "Schizophrenic" coming out sometime this June!!

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