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Dumb Moments

Have you ever done or said something so incredibly stupid you feel like the biggest moron on the planet??
If you said no, you have to be lying, i'm psycic, I know this stuff!!! Well, anyway, this page is dedicated to stupid stuff, so, read on, have a laugh at someone else's expense, and if you want, at the end of this page, leave a moment behind so we can all laugh at you!!!

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Once I was getting off the bus and there was this really hot guy behind me, I was trying to act all cool and walk like I  was hot shit, when I tripped and fell off the bus on my face infront of about 100 people going to school.....


lips2.gif (1750 bytes)I was talkin and all of a sudden i lost my voice and shiit so i stopped talkin' and it was fuct! HA HA actually thats pretty stupid never mind!
DJ Skar

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One time, I was walking around at an indoor soccer center on my way back to the game I was watching. I walked out of the bathroom and tripped over my own big boat feet. To stop myself from falling on my face, I grabbed on to the bleachers that were infront of me. I hit them with a bang and hung from them with my feet sprawled out on the ground behind me. What's worse is that there was a HOT guy working there who saw the whole thing. He was half laughing when he asked me if I needed any help. SOOOOO embarassing.


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I came to this page...
Your all freaks


I was in highschool and everyone made fun of my giant pouch. To set the record strait, my penis is actually tiny and I have huge nuts.
Thankyou for pulling out a chair from under me!
Poucho Marx

So I got r4eally drunk one night,and i went home after anight of parties. I was inmybedroom, trying to disrobe. It wasn't working so well,I was exceedsingly toasted.Ikept fallingdown and my mom heard me downstairs.She came up to see what was wrong. As soon as she cameinto the room, I yelled "You suck John Winters!!"because I had been yelling that all night atthis ghuy...anyway, right after that I vohmmed all over her. SHe told meall abouit it the next morning as I was cooking breakfast. Needless to say, I don't actual;ly remember a thing...well, hard;ly.
AA member
bb_school_desks.gif (51413 bytes)I was in grade one and we were working with numbers. The deal was that we chose a number and we were given that many toothpicks to make a shape out of. we hasd to use that horrid white glue to paste them to the construction paper. Anyway, we got the glue all over our hands and our school was like a concentration camp because we didn't get anything to wipe our hands off with. So I got a plan and asked the head nazi, my teacher, if I could go to the bathroom. I figured that I could go there to get paper towels to wipe my friend Laura and my hands off. I asked to go and she let me so i went and got paper towels, or dab dabs as we called them. Well, as luck would have it, I had to actually go to the bathroom for real about fifteen minutes after that but my teacher being a scary nazi and all, I was afraid to ask to go again so soon. I tried to hold it until school ended but bythe time there was half an hour left and we were seated back at our tables, I knew I couldn't do it. Still afraid to ask Mrs. Hitler if I could use the bathroom, I decided to swallow my pride and let it go right there in class. It wasn't the wet kind so it wouldn't soak through anything and all I'd have to do is grin and bear it until I got home. I let it out as I listened to this chick Kameljeet tell us all about Nepal. I was trying to look interested in her story but I ws more enthralled with the mess brewing in my pants. I thought everything was kosher, that is until I could feel it creep up to my belt line. I began to panic as I realized it wouldn't be long until someone saw it. I wasn't extremely worried because we had about fifteen minutes of class left. I sat tight and began to relax...that is until my teacher chose the seat next to me to sit at for people to come up and show her their work. She sat down and people began to line up behind me to talk to her. I was dreading what I knew was about to happen. That's when the shit really hit the pun intended. Some jerk-off kid yelled out "EW!! It looks like a volcano!!" Everyone began to scream like it was a mutant trying to escape my pants. I began to cry and beg to be brought home. My teacher grabbed me and pulled me out of the room and down the hall to the bathroom. She held me over her knee and cleaned me up. The pants weren't so lucky, they were filthy. To hide the damage, she poked two leg holes in a Safeway bag and tied it around my waist like a diaper. Yeah, that really softened the embarassment that the stains would've caused, a nice white plastic diaper on top of my pants is a lot less humiliating. Needless to say I never lived it down. I had to deal with people asking me "Paper or plastic" for the rest of my elementary career.
towel.gif (277273 bytes)My brother had some of his friends over, so I decided to check them out. One guy was really HOT. I told my bro to put in a good word for me. Bro didn't know I had just taken a shower! He told the guy to go upstairs into my room! He walked in, and I was standing there in a towel! I was so shocked, yup, off goes the towel! He saw me standing there, TOTALLLY NUDE!! I was so embarrassed!
eyes.gif (13539 bytes)I was at a rave in Indiana called Muvment{ A Whole Lotta Lovin}
and I had been up for three days candy flippin and tweekin on the plane from Portland Oregon to Indianapolis Indiana
I was runnin around sellin doses by the water stand on the second floor and stopped to cut a couple hits off the sheet for a friend.
I stood up and got a head rush from bein up for so long and stumbled off towards the main room when... Ooops! I tripped over the main power cord for the second floor and shut off the sound and the lights in the middle of some Dj's set. Mad embarrasing kids, let me tell you.
I went off in the dark and found a twenty sack to revive myself needless to say.
Brian G.

:devil.gif (2208 bytes) i don't need an embarassing moment, i just experience them by livin vicariously through becky. unleess you count the time i went down on that guy and "fluffed" as they say, at the same time. just jokin, i'm too much of a pro fer that.p.s. she-ra, love the paper or plastic story. it seems as if i've heard it somewhere before, a long time ago...
Porno Queen

dance.gif (14784 bytes)It is weird but it is almost as if that story by the she-ra girl was also told to be by a girld I know who I went to highschool with. Anyway, Maconahey(spelled wrong) one of my many really fucking cool moves was when I was at a show (music) and there was a this skiddy, nasty chick doing this fucked dance so I tried to make fun of her and fell on my ass and landed in muddy stuff so it looked like I shit my pants (like "Shera/monkey") To add to that on the same night at the same lame venue I wnt for a piss in the washroom and like an asshole I thought that my cobra/worm was done ridding itself of piss. Unbenownst to me (until I left the washroom) my weiner continued to leak leaving a perculiar trail on the front of my pants, so I had to sit down for about an hour. So, at the end of the night I kind of pissed my pants and it looked like I also shit them. Oh well it obvious from the copious amount of action I get ("lie down"-said sadisticaly, "will you be my valentine") that this embarasing thing didnt fuck
me up at all.

P.S- Bekvissss you spelled anonymis wrong.

Super Zutroy Cactus Taco Man

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